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Arlington Construction Management offers a variety of Construction services based on your needs. Below are the various categories, etc, etc…

  • Consulting: How To Get Started

    If you are like most, you know you have a project but the process of putting all the pieces together is intimidating and something you dread at least a little.  You get the feeling that everyone you talk to is trying to sell you something, which they are.  You’re afraid of getting started because you’re afraid of wasitng your money or over-paying for services.

    We at Arlington Construction Management can alleviate those fears.  Our salesmanship ends on this website; once we come out to your home we are in your employ.  We look at your project like we would our own and give you advice that we think is best for you and your home, not what will cost the most.

    If you’re looking at a larger project that will take time and investment to complete, we’ll help you establish a good solid scope of work to implement your desires in succinct fashion over time.

    We can go as far as to be your representative in the industry, the owners representative.  We’ll vet the architects, designers, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers on your behalf and insure your project gets done to your wishes.  We focus on what we do best so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Home Additions/Renovations

    If you live in Arlington or the surrounding area we probably have something in common; our homes were all built around 1950 and they might have some common features - small galley kitchens, no closets, no real master bedroom, no real family room or almost worse, someone else’s bad addition from the 70’s or 80’s.

    We understand the challanges you face, we have architects and designers that can take those ideas you have been finalizing since the day you moved in and make them reality.  We have done multiple additions and renovations to homes just like yours and we’re ready to help you make it happen.

  • Build to Suit

    If you want it done, we can make it happen.  We take your dreams and make them into reality.  From conception to completion; new homes or renovations; we have the design services, subcontractors, vendors and suppliers to make the process easy and streamlined for you.

    If you need the land, we are always looking and have a team of realtors there to help you.   We’d also be happy to consult with the realtor of your choice or you directly to insure the land meats your needs without unreasonably high development cost.

  • Custom Homes for production home prices

    Here is the challenge: You want to build the home of your dreams (and you know exactly what you want), but you can’t get any builder to look at it for a reasonable cost.  The ones that seem capable of building something for less, don’t end up being able to after you meet with them.  It’s seeing the ad in the paper for your perfect new car at the dealership down the street and then feeling the frustration when you read “One available at this price”.  After you get the options you want, the change orders drive the price right back up and out of your budget.

    Here at Arlington Construction Management, we take the construction management approach to helping you build your ideal custom home.  We work off a set fee based on the home’s size and complexity along with your desires of input.  Then we go out and advocate for you, helping you create a design that meets your budget and then further advocate for you by bidding it out with the subcontractors, vendors and suppliers like we were building our own home.

  • Architectural Design Services

    Need help with your Architectural Design? Give us a call, we can help you out.

  • Investor Services

    Judging by the success of those late night TV shows preaching about how easy it is to buy and sell real estate, many of us have that itch. Most of us have seen what they were sure were opportunities, but just needed someone with experience at evaluating property to confirm the value of the deal and help them bring it to reality.

    We here at Arlington Construction Management have evaluated hundreds of properties for investment opportunities.  We know the challenges and can help set the offer and budget for any repair work or construction.  We are so confident in our abilities we won’t take any fees for our services unless the deal is successful.  Who else offers that type of guarantee?  If we don’t feel confident in the deal, we don’t want you wasting your money on it either.

  • Bidding Services

    If you’re a home owner then you know how hard it is to get any work done at your home.  Wether it is necessary maintenance like roofing, painting, windows or doors, or you are trying to improve the aesthetics of your home by redoing your floors or adding new tile.  If you are like most you call the biggest/safest looking add in the paper, then try to hold your lunch down when they tell you how much; or you exhaust your neighborhood listserv and take the chance that someone three blocks over, a homeowner with no trade experience just like you, thought someone somewhere did a great job for a great price on their project.

    Next time just call the experts at Arlington Construction Management.  We do nothing but bid out projects of all shapes and sizes every day.  We have established ourselves as homeowner advocates because we don’t have a financial relationship with anyone we recommend (unlike all the other websites out there recommending that great local plumber for you from their office in California) and we are 100% local, here in the Arlington Virginia area.

    We’ll come over and take a look at your project with our own eyes, and help you establish an exact scope of work to get the correct bids. We then solicit 2-3 truly competitive bids from trades that we are meeting face to face and soliciting bids from on your behalf.  Bids often come from trades whose work we have experience with, and if there is an issue, you don’t post an unanswered complaint; you call us and we work with you and the subcontractor to take care of it.

  • Design Services: Interior and Architectural

    Not only do we have on staff capabilities and experience for your interior and architectural design needs, but we also have a vast network of independent designers, architect, draftsmen, interior designers, etc… that we can put you in touch with.

  • Interior Design Services

    We do Interior Design as well. Call us today to get started.

  • Owner-Builder

    This is where I got started.  If you would like to be the true owner-builder, be on site making decisions on an almost daily basis, getting your hands dirty every once in a while and saving thosands in the process then we have a program for you.

  • Services for Professional Architects

    Architects, we understand the kind of support you need from a residential building professional.  We know how other contractors in the past have taken your plans and pulled out key specifications without properly consulting with you or simply mis-interpreted your plans and never asked questions which resulted in a project that did not meet your vision or design.

    Please contact Chad Hackmann now at 202-409-1280 or now to learn more.