How We’re Different

What We Do

We help people build or remodel their homes with a transparent approach to providing guidance, advice and management for¬†projects of all types and sizes.¬† We don’t believe in “one size fits all” in building or remodeling; we can be as little or as much help as you need while providing you the full benefit of our years of local experience and relationships with multitudes of subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, architects and designers.

How It Works

Pre-Production Planning Bid Management Construction Management Successful Conclusion

  • Pre-production planning

    We can provide the design expertise or work directly with your architect or designer. By doing so, we get involved in the construction plans as they are coming together to make sure all specifications meet local building codes; it’s your vision and we want to avoid unnecessarily complicated or expensive procedures and materials. We also help you to anticipate and plan ahead for possible complications that might occur (especially in remodeling older structures) so you’ll not be blindsided by unexpected construction delays or unbudgeted expenditures. By working together right from the start with a shared understanding of your vision and priorities, you can be sure that every decision that gets made along the way is consistent with your expectations. And since ACM is fee-based rather than commission-driven, you can also rest assured that our recommendations are based on the skill and expertise of each proposed subcontractor rather than pre-existing alliances or exorbitant mark-ups. With our fee-based system we hold back a healthy percentage of our fee only to be paid based on your satisfaction; that gives us the proper incentive to insure your interests are protected.

  • Bid Management

    Drawing from a broad array of experienced and licensed subcontractors, we review appropriate choices for each phase of construction with you and compare the unique skill sets and experience that each provides. ACM then draws up the bid requests, and with your approval, submits the bid requests to the selected subcontractors. When the bids arrive, we discuss them candidly with you and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each (i.e. exceptional workmanship, but some language challenges). Then you select the subcontractors that you prefer.

  • Construction Management

    During construction questions arise, inspections take place, building materials are ordered and delivered, and transitions occur among subcontractors as each new phase begins. Throughout the entire process, ACM will be your personal construction manager, advisor and advocate. Since our alliance is with you alone, ACM will be an objective evaluator of the services provided by each subcontractor, and you can trust our actions and advice to always be in your best interest. By partnering with ACM, you’ll avoid the adversarial working relationship that can develop with a general contractor whose primary alliance is with his subcontractors.

  • Successful conclusion

    Partnering with Arlington Construction Management for your project serves everyone involved.

    • You’ll know that your vision was the driving force throughout the process, that you personally made all the buying decisions, that you received solid value for your money, and that you can account for every penny spent.
    • The architect or designer will be pleased that the project followed their plans and that they did not have to strong arm a general contractor to keep the construction details on track.
    • Your subcontractors will be pleased that they were selected for their abilities rather than an alliance with a general contractor, and that they were allowed to work directly with you, the owner who chose them for the project.
    • And finally, our construction managers enjoy working in a participatory environment that provides them with a clear and comprehensive understanding of their mission and the end-to-end involvement needed to manage the process to a satisfying conclusion.